Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hereditary Prince Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern marries for a second time

The guests were invited for a birthday party at Schloss Umkirch to celebrate the 51st birthday of Nina de Zomer, the girlfriend of Hereditary Prince Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern. Instead of a birthday party, 120 guests discovered they were attending Karl-Friedrich and Nina's wedding. It turned out to be the best-kept secret.
The couple were married in a civil ceremony at Schloss Umkirch This was followed by a thanksgiving service, which was conducted by Sigmaringen priest Karl-Heinz Berger. Karl-Friedrich had asked the priest to conduct the thanksgiving service. "He would not let this important day for him to pass without thanking God to send a petition to him."
Father Berger added: "If a second marriage is truly lived in faith, then it surely has God's blessing on it."
The palace was illuminated and the reception was held under white tents. Schloss Umkirch was where Prince Karl=Anton of Hohenzollern and Princess Josephine of Belgium were married. The schloss is also the birthplace of Karl-Friedrich's father, Prince Franz. Karl-Friedrich said he was very fond of the schloss. "I have spent many holidays here. For me, this is a very special place."
The couple also chose Umkirch for their marriage, as Karl-Friedrich's first marriage had taken place in Sigmaringen.
The guests included Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Baden, Prince Maximilian zu Fürstenberg, and the Countess of Castell-Rüdenhausen.
Hereditary Princess Katharina wore a white gown and a veil made from Belgian lace. Her bouquet of pink flowers were designed to match the Hereditary Prince's tie.
The Hereditary Prince and Princess of Hohenzollern first met while skiing in Switzerland. They will spend their honeymoon in the south of France.




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