Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rains prevent duke from taking pictures

July 22, 1910

The Duke of Montpensier, brother of the Duke of Orleans, returned today from a trip to Mexico with "his moving-picture machine and operator, but with no records of the big game." The New York Times reports that the duke had planned to "hunt with his fun and cinematograph" when he left New York City two months ago. The Duke, now staying at the Hotel Knickerbocker, said the rainy season had "interfered with his hunting in the mountains," and the "only thing that he shot were some wild ducks."
"I was very much disappointed in not being able to hunt big game in the wilds of Mexico, but it rained incessantly there after my arrival, and the mountain roads were so slippery as to be impassable.
"President Diaz had arranged a big hunt for me, but the weather played havoc with all our plans, and the only shooting I did was near the capital, when I bagged small game such as ducks. Once I rode on horseback out of the city, spending twelve hours in the saddle, but all the game seemed to have sought cover from the rain except the ducks, which, as everyone knows, like the water.
"I brought back with me, however, about 1,000 yards of films, which consist mostly of pictures of Mexican cowboys using the lasso, riding on bulls, and scenes in and around Mexico City. I showed them one afternoon at a private entertainment at the capital, which was attended only by the President, the Government officials and their wives. I am a great admirer of President Diaz, and took team with him on several occasions.
"While I enjoyed my visit to Mexico, I must say that the hotels down there are not very inviting. The poorest hotel in New York would be the best in Mexico City. The service is atrocious. If you order a cup of tea they have to sen out for it, and sometimes it takes an hour. Although I met many beautiful señoritas at the homes of their parents, I did not see what I would call pretty women down there. One never sees pretty women in public as one does in New York or Paris."

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