Thursday, July 22, 2010

Veterans march pass Marie's coffin

July 22, 1938

More than 10,000 persons, "a large number of them invalids and war veterans, marched past the coffin of Queen Marie today in Bucharest." According to the New York Times report, "shop windows, homes and street lamps throughout the city were draped in her honor."
Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, daughter of Queen Marie, and Prince Paul, the Prince regent of Yugoslavia, will arrive tomorrow. The Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince Kyril of Bulgaria are expected to attend the funeral. It is not known "who will represent Germany."
The Duke of Kent is the representing the British sovereign, King George VI. Queen Marie of Romania, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, was a British princess by birth.
On Sunday, a moment of silence will be observed throughout the country when the Queen's coffin is placed in the royal mausoleum.
The AP is reporting that Queen Marie left King Carol her Balcic castle on the Black Sea. Her eldest daughter, Elizabeth, the former wife of King George II of Greece, will inherit property and a hunting lodge at Skorovistea.
Queen Marie of Yugoslavia received "the famous Copaceni castle near Bucharest," and Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter, "was left a feudal mountain stronghold dating back to the thirteenth century, at Bran, Transylvania."
Prince Nicholas, who has lived in exile, has inherited a palace in Venice, which "his mother bought only a few weeks ago when she knew death was near."

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