Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zita arrives in America

July 20, 1940

Former Empress Zita of Austria arrived today at La Guardia Field in New York by Dixie Clipper from Lisbon, "a refugee at last from a world that began to crumble under her throne a quarter-century ago," reports the New York Times. Zita, a thin woman of medium height, "with a proud face," and was dressed in black.
She arrived with her daughter, 19-year-old Archduchess Elisabeth, who was dressed in blue.
Zita was greeted by her eldest son, Archduke Otto, "who was just learning to walk when the first World War began," and by another son, Archduke Felix. Each son "bowed stiffly to kiss her hand and then affectionately kissed her cheek."
The former empress and Archduchess Elisabeth were presented with carnation leis by five-year-old Vera Nickich.
Reporters asked Zita about her opinion of the war situation in Europe. She was asked who would win. "Why, the democracies, of course. Oh, I am sure of victory."
During her stay in the United States, Zita will be the guest of Calvin Bullock, a broker, at his country home in Royalstone, Massachusetts. Zita's stay is "quite indefinite," as it "has been everywhere since the end of the World War." She hopes to bring to America her five other children. Her brother, Prince Felix, who is married to Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, is en route to the United States on board the Trenton.
Several hours after her arrival in New York, the "tired, but smiling" former Empress arrived in Royalstone, a small and quiet Massachusetts village. Massachusetts State police escorted "the party the last few miles of the journey" to the village, which has one country store and "serene, tree-shaded streets."

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