Friday, October 29, 2010

Paul proclaimed king

October 29, 1920

Prince Paul of Greece, younger brother of the late King Alexander, has been proclaimed king by the Greek Parliament, according to a report in the New York Times.  The prince, who was born in Athens in December 1901, lives with his family in exile in Switzerland.
Premier Venizelos has answered criticism to the Government's policy in making Paul's "accession to the throne conditional."  The Premier has made it clear that if Prince Paul "were made King he should not be a proxy for ex-King Constantine."
Admiral Coundouriotis was elected as Regent, and his swearing in ceremony took place after his election.
Neither Prince Paul nor former King Constantine have replied to the former Greek government communications "informing them that Prince Paul's accession depended upon the formal renunciation by Constantine and his eldest son, Prince George."  No replies are expected until after Alexander's funeral, which will take place on Friday.
However, aides to the former king say that the "family is indignant, charging the Greek Government did not facilitate" Queen Olga's journey from Brindisi, which meant that she did not arrive in Athens until ten hours after Alexander's death.  The family has also complained that their request to allow former Queen Sophie to come to Athens and nurse her son was not answered.  Constantine and his wife are said to be suffering from shock, and they "receive no visitors."
The New York Times' correspondent reports that he received a telegraph from Constantine in Lucerne who said that he "received no official information concerning plans for placing Prince Paul on the Greek throne on condition that Constantine and Prince George abandon all claims thereto."  
The correspondent notes that Constantine and Sophie have shut themselves up in their apartments, and are "too much overwhelmed by grief" over the death of their son to see any reporters.  The New York Times reporter does not believe that Constantine has abandoned "the hope of once more wearing the Greek crown."

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