Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prince Nicolas does his own thing

October 27, 1926

Queen Marie of Roumania and her son, Prince Nicolas, and her daughter, Princess Ileana, are in Montreal, and, according to the AP, the city has taken the royals to "its heart."  But while the Queen and Princess Ileana were enjoying the "brilliant homage," city officials found it difficult to round up "the truant Prince Nicolas share the official honors."
The prince was "in his place when the royal party alighted from the train," where they were greeted by city and government officials, but by the time, the royal party reached  City Hall for the formal reception, Prince Nicolas was missing.
The prince decided that he did not want to take part in the official welcoming ceremonies.  Instead, he asked his driver to turn into a side street so he could visit the terminals of the Canadian National Railroad.   Nicolas had "accepted the invitation of the railroad officials" to inspect the "train management  and safety signal system of the terminals."   Nicholas "fully intended to rejoin the official party" after the official ceremonies at City Hall.
But "his good intentions" were swept aside by his "enjoyment of brief liberty from official rigid ceremony.  He was supposed to join his mother and sister at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for a civic lunch, but instead, he headed to the St. James Club "for a private meal with a few intimates."
He told friends that "he had no desire to offend anyone, but "the sight of a silk hat" does not please him.  Prince Nicolas has been living away from the Roumanian court for the past eight years, as he has been serving with the Roumanian navy.   He said he had lost "his taste for official functions."
"When you are keen on the service, that really is the main thing."
He enjoyed "a leisurely meal" at the club before returning to the hotel "just in time to rejoin the procession as it left for a second tour of the city."
Obviously aware of her son's actions, Queen Marie took a half hour longer than expected to change into her "luncheon gown," but with her son still missing, she and Ileana finally "entered the dining room."

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