Thursday, October 28, 2010

Regent named for Greek throne

October 28, 1920

The Greek Chamber of Deputies has elected Admiral P. Coundouriotis as the Regent of Greece, according to a dispatch to The Times from Athens.  The Admiral is the Minister of Marine in Venizelos' Cabinet. 
The New York Times is reporting that "for the first time since the Greek revolution of 1917," Greece's government "through its Minister in Berne "officially opened negotiations with the family of former King Constantine."  The Minister informed Prince Paul of "certain conditions attached to his accession to the Greek throne."
The foremost of conditions  were demanded officially, and include Constantine's formal abdication of the throne.  The same demand has been made of his eldest son, Prince George.
The former King, who lives in Lucerne, continues to receive condolences on the death of his second son, King Alexander, including telegrams from his brother-in-law, former Kaiser Wilhelm II, and former Austrian emperor, Karl.
It is understood, according to the Associated Press, that Greek Minister in Berne "has been instructed to meet Prince Paul," and will discuss with him "that in accordance with the Constitution the Government invites him to succeed his elder brother Alexander."
The funeral for the late King will be held on Friday. The Crown Prince of Sweden, who is already in Athens, will be present.  The late king's body was removed today by car from Tatoi to the cathedral in Athens.  The coffin "was draped in the royal flag."   The Dowager Queen Olga with a lady-in-waiting followed the "improvised hearse" in one car, while in the second car was Alexander's widow, Mme. Manos, who was accompanied by the Grand Marshall of the Court.
Inside the Cathedral, members of the Cabinet and high officials "awaited the arrival of the cortege." The coffin was placed on a catafalque, which was guarded "by a special detail of soldiers and officers."  After a brief prayer service, the mourners departed and the church was open to the public.
King Alexander "was kept alive for days by artificial means."  When he was lucid, doctors said his :morale seemed good."  He "only realized the gravity of his condition the last two days and all his thoughts were for his wife."   At the  very end Alexander tried to embrace his wife, but he died before he"could do so."
Queen Olga arrived the day after Alexander's death.  There was a "pathetic scene" between the elderly Queen and her morganatic granddaughter-in-law."  The two remained "alone in the death chamber" for thirty minutes.

Prince Alexander of Serbia, the Prince Regent, left today for King Alexander's funeral.

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