Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweden ready name Gustav Adolf as regent

October 28, 1950

From the Reuters dispatch:  the "Swedish cabinet was ordered to stand by in Stockholm today to be ready to proclaim Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf" as regent if King Gustav V's condition "continues to get worse."
An official bulletin regarding the condition of the 92 year old king was released earlier today.  The strength of the ailing king was failing, "but his heart activity is relatively good."
The king  has been "clear and lucid during the day and was able to receive members of his family."
A second medical bulletin was issued this afternoon and said " a certain bodily arrest has been justified by the use of sedatives , which have enabled the king to sleep for short periods."
The king had spent a quiet night, and that "his heart had not become noticeably worse since yesterday."   Prayers for the king's health will said in churches tomorrow.
Rumors about the king's deteriorating condition swept through Stockholm after Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and Crown Princess Louise "hurried to the palace in answer to a telephone call only a few hours after an earlier visit."
Court officials, however, were quick to point out that the reason  was that King Gustav was disappointed that his son and daughter-in-law had left so early.  "I would have liked seeing them longer and having a better chat with them." 
King Gustav was sleeping when they returned.   Bedrooms have been reserved at the palace for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, for Prince Wilhelm, the king's younger son, and for Princess Sibilla, the widow of Prince Gustaf Adolf, the Crown Prince's son who was killed in an airplane crash three years ago.

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