Sunday, February 27, 2011

The King's Speech

I do not go to the movies a lot.  In fact, I rarely go to the movies.  Of the ten nominated films, I saw one: The King's Speech.  I saw it twice, actually.  I saw Alice in WonderlandHarry Potter, Tangled, and How Do You Know.  I was an extra in How Do you Know, playing a Washington Nationals Fan.  

Suffice to say, I am delighted and excited that The King's Speech won Best Picture and Colin Firth as Best Actor.  I look forward to the DVD ...  and ask for going to the movies.  Nothing is catching my attention right now, so it could be months before I venture again into a movie, although I will be seeing the final Harry Potter film.

Royalty rocks!

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Michelle said...

i too saw it twice. it came out a little earlier in tyson's corner than it did here in chantilly so i actually went there first, then like a week later saw it again closer to home. also can't wait for the dvd! love it!

i saw an interview with the guy that came up with the movie. he said he wrote to the Queen Mother in like the 1970s to ask permission, because the son of the doctor wouldn't give him the doctor's old notes on the king otherwise. the Queen Mother said that yes, he could, but to please wait until she died as it was too painful.

so the guy agreed, thinking she was already almost 80, couldn't live much longer. :-P

and all these years later, here it is!