Friday, February 25, 2011

Royal engagement announced: Isabelle to marry Count of Paris

February 25, 1931

The Duke of Guise has announced the engagement of his son, Prince Henri, Count of Paris, to Princess Isabelle of Orleans-Braganza.
The Duke is pretender to the French throne, having succeeded his cousin, the Duke of Orleans, in 1926.  Under French law, neither the Duke nor his son can live in France.  Their primary residence is at the Chateau D'Anjou at Woluwe, near Brussels.
Princess Isabelle, who was born in 1911, is the daughter of Prince Louis Philippe of Orleans-Braganza.  He was born in Brazil, and was pretended "to the Brazilian throne until he renounced his rights in 1908."
According to the Associated Press report, the "date for the wedding was not made known."

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